The Art of Female Domination

Slave Training

 City: T/B/A

 City: T/B/A

  • How to exert Your ownership of a man (or woman, ladies!)
  • The Four Phases of Your dungeon; How to create erotic suspence using your voice, touch and environment
  • Slave positioning: Gain ultimate control of Your subject with these 10 positions:

a. Kneel down

b. Kneel down

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Cross Dressing

Next Class:T/B/A

City: T/B/A

The different genres of Cross Dressing and the what it all means: Forced Feminization, Full Transformation, Sissy Training, French Maid, Sissy Maid, and more
The two different types of cross dressers: Is he a slut or one of the girls? Is he a lesbian or a cock sucker?
What you'll need and where to get it
Dialog & scenario Read More >

Financial Domination

Next Class: SUNDAY 12.16

City: Los Angeles

  • Getting started: The terminology of financial domination, types of payment, ways to get paid.
  • Getting what you want: How to attract financial slaves & how to get money & gifts from them.
  • The psychology behind the financial slave: Understanding the psyche of a financial slave. What makes a man a financial slave. What makes them tick & why. Read More >


Next Class: WEDNESDAY 11.14

City: San Diego

  • The 3 different kinds of humiliation: verbal, physical and public 
  • The difference between verbal humiliation and abuse
  • Humiliation in and out of the dungeon 
  • Dialogue and Role play in every scenario:
  • Foot: fetish / slavery / shoe and boot fetish / foot domination / trampling 
  • Gender Humiliation: Cross Dressing / Feminization / Sissy Training / Sissy Maid / Slut Training / Whore Training / Forced Bi / Cuckolding / Chastity / Small Penis Humiliation / BBC / 
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Foot Worship & Trampling

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

  • The difference between foot slavery and foot fetish
  • What to wear for different kinds scenes; bare feet stockings, vintage nylons, pantyhose, socks, close toed classic pump, open toed shoes / sandals, boots, sneakers, etc. 
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; pedicures, toenail length, dirty feet, smelly feet, big feet, small feet and more
  • How to seduce a man using only your feet and legs; Strip Tease Dance of the Feet
  • Trampling and Foot Domination; showing him who's in  Read More >

Fantasy Role-Play

Next Class: SATURDAY 10.20

City: San Diego

  • The difference between BDSM/DS and Fantasy Role-play and when they overlap.
  • What you'll need to get started with any budget and proper impliments of this exciting fetish.
  • Psychology, atmosphere, differnt kind of role-play scenerios; School Teacher, Baby Sitter, School Marm, Age Regressions, Infintialism, Taboo, Auntie, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle, Executive, Boss, Secretary, Executive, Sissy Maid, Cross Dressing, Police, Military, POW, etc..
  • Come dressed for the occasion; what to wear, props Read More

How to Do Any Scene

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

Congrats! You're a Dominatrix, new or experienced in the BDSM scene. So you've discovered the cool thing about SM is IT NEVER GETS BORING. There's always something new, whether you've been doing it for a few months or decades. So that's the good news. The bad news is how can any one Mistress, no matter how smart or creative be prepared to do any kind of scene? The possibilities are just too overwhelming.

Well the secret is understanding the psychology, neurology and anatomy of the male slave. Once your grasp the psychology of the different fetishes and fantasies, you'll be able to predict what other kinks your male bottom has and he will think You are an amazing PSYCHIC GODDESS! He will be Read More >

Strap-on & Anal

Next Class: SUNDAY 11.11
City: Los Angeles

  • The anatomy of THE ASS! The anus has more never endings then any other part of the body and there are actually nerve bundles that are connected to the G-spot on women and the penis on men. Men can actually have an anal orgasm that is separate and apart from the conventional orgasm. Find his P spot and use it to your advantage!
  • Picking the toys and maintaining them: dildos, strap-on harnesses, butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads and more
  • Lube - you can never have to much of it! The different kinds and what best for you.
  • The psychology of strap on and anal scenes - getting into his Read More >

Kidnapping & Interrogation

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

In addition to Kidnapping / Interrogation scenes being diabolically fun, they are also great ways to become a better judge of character, stronger in negotiations, achieve real intimacy or become a HUMAN LIE DETECTOR! and who wouldn't want to do that?

In this class you will learn:

  • The different types and styles of Interrogation and how to choose the best one for You and the situation: good cop / bad cop, hard vs soft interrogations, hostage negotiation techniques, military techniques, POW scenes and emotional blackmail.
  • General psychology of Kidnap /  Read More >

Toilet Training and Water-Sports

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

  • How to do it, tricks of the trade, what to eat, where to do it, and how to prepare for the scene.
  • Health and Safety - what are the risks?
  • The psychology of watersports: Why do people enjoy being pissed and shat on? What's the difference between toilet training and scat play? Golden and Brown Showers as Goddess Worship vs. Humilation
  • Cross Over fetishes; scent play, spitting, Roman Showers and other items of the Mistresses essence
  • Taken to the extreme: Enemas, cathetars and Forced consumption. Read More

Naughty Nurse to Heavy Medical & Invasive

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

  • How to give a basic and authentic exam
  • What you'll need to get started with any budget and proper impliments of this exciting fetish.
  • Come dressed for the occasion! what to wear and when to wear it; Naughty Nurse, Nurse Ratched, Rubber Nurse or Doctor
  • Psychology, atmosphere, differnt kind of medical scenerios 
  • What to say and what not to say; buzzwords and triggers
  • How to do Enemas, catheters, sounds, and basic play piercing safely
  • Sterile Field Read More >

Smoking Fetish to Cigarette Torture

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

  • The differences between smoking fetish, human ashtray training and cigarette torture, psychology & dialogue of the different fetishes, oral fixation and invasion of personal space
  • Smoking - not as easy as it looks; creating wafts, french smoking, blowing rings for scenes, videos and pictures is all different!
  • Human Ashtray training, where to ash, who to instruct your slave to safely ash and extinguish Your cigarette in his mouth, how many butts are safe to swallow for a newbie vs an experienced ashtray
  • Cigarette Torture: Read More >


Next Class: SUNDAY 10.14

City: Los Angeles

  • The physics of flogging and assessing floggers; choosing the best flogger for You, your bottom and the occasion.
  • Basic Flogging: This style is used for disciplinary, punishment and training purposes and generally administered to the buttocks and sometimes back when the bottom is in a horizontal positions
  • Zena Warrior Princess Style Flogging: This Style is also used for used for  Read More >

Rope Bondage

Next Class: SAT & SUN 10.27-28
City: Los Angeles

  • All the basic techniques of both Eastern and Western styles of bondage, predicament bondage, contortion and restrictive bondage,
  • The knots you'll get the most use of, including but not limied to slip knots and rigging points
  • About different types of ropes,their purpose and the sensations the create. How to pick and maintain the type of rope that' most suitable for you, and basic bondage safety Read More >

OTK Spanking & Paddling

Next Class: T/B/A

City: Los Angeles

  • The different implement of spanking; barehand, leather and wooden paddles, frat paddles, hair brushes, wooden spoons, spatchulas, and other domestic goodies.
  • Spanking techniques: Warm up, barehand, cupping, OTK administration and positioning for your bottom
  • Spanking with paddles one and two handed
  • Psychology, props, atmosphere, and attire of Spanking and  Read More >

C.B.T and Sensation Play

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

  • Why's it called torture? This is fun for everyone!
  • The anatomical weaknesses of the male genitalia, and how you can exploit them for an instant upper-hand in your relationship.
  • Bedroom CBT! The everyday household items most feared by the family jewels.
  • Tie it up! Keeping his goods on a short leash; the art of CBT bondage  Read More >

Crops, Canes & Single-Tails

Next Class: WEDNESDAY 6.30

City: Lennox / LAX Area

  • Selection, care and different kinds of crops, canes and singletails. The different parts of the implements and how they feel, Warm-up, form and techniques, where to hit and where not to hit, and general safety.
  • Crops: The Crop is perfect tool for the beginner. If you're just starting out, this is the only whip you'll need. The Crop is great for everyday, inexpensive to acquire, easy to use, transport and care Read More >

Nipple & Sensation Play

Next Class: T/B/A
City: Los Angeles

  • The pain / pleasure principle and selection of appropriate toys. Best toys for almost every occasion - your hands and mouth! And how to use them. HINT: fingernails are FUN!
  • Anatomy and placement
  • Nipple and sensation play with common household items to advanced fetish toys; clothespins, twine, rope, dental floss, sand paper, juice, feathers, clamps, their origins, 
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